When travelers are looking for the next destination, they will find a lot of travel agencies offering packages, custom itineraries, tours, advice etc. What makes the difference for travelers to decide?

The most important factors that can influence a traveler’s decision to use a particular travel agency include established relations, the cost and quality of services, agency reputation and the convenience of the booking process. Other factors such as the range of services offered, the availability of discounts and promotions, and the expertise level of the advisors may also be considerations.

Important facts that every travel agency should consider when preparing a quotation:

  • Streamline the time to develop a custom itinerary
  • Send accurate information
  • Simple and easy to read quotations
  • Quick response to required changes
  • Save a record of conversations / notes easy to review

Following these steps will make your agency stand out, attract new customers, and generate brand awareness.

With so much competition it is no longer acceptable to take hours or days to prepare a travel package and a quote. The use of spreadsheets is not the solution, instead, successful travel companies are automating their business processes in order to survive in this technology driven era of tourism.

Human mistakes use to happen when typing and emailing manually. Quoting from an automated system will avoid these errors, as the supplier receives system generated documents with correct booking information and traveler details.

Automation does not take the personal interaction out of the quotation process; in fact, it allows more time to accomplish this task. Taking the time to get to know the traveler, understanding their needs and turning their dreams in to reality is what the advisor role should be. With the correct tools and access to rates and vendor information, advisors will have more time to consult and sell thereby increasing their pipeline and generate more sales.

Branding is an essential marketing tool and having automated processes allow for consistency across all documents, regardless of the user. The hours spent by advisors on writing content, attaching company logos and details can all be eliminated by making use of standardized templates.

From your company name, terms and conditions, inclusions and exclusions, traveler special requests and extra information, you can ensure that all advisors are using the same text, fonts wording, and generating a professional output that has not taken hours to prepare.

Storing vendor rates in a catalog divided by vendor not only allows for mark-up control and consistent pricing on quotes, but also lets quotes being examined from an auditing perspective; they can be tracked or queried by anyone at any stage.

Travel Ibex is a perfect solution for those companies that need to save time sending quotations with no mistakes, quickly and effortless!

Do not delay – put your agency ahead of the competition by sending successful quotations!