Use Travel Ibex Saas services!

Cloud Subscription

Travel Ibex offers very affordable monthly license and subscription rates per user.

  • All rates are per calendar month and are quoted in US Dollars.
  • Rate is billed quarterly.


$ 19
Monthly payment per user
The standard rate includes all the essential functions to receive customer requests, prepare travel itineraries, record financial transactions, and even perform post-trip contact.
  • Decision Making Panel.
  • Complete CRM to Manage Contacts.
  • Creation of Travel Files for Direct Leads.
  • Detailed Reservation Management.
  • Record of Financial Transactions for each Itinerary.
  • Administration of Vendors and their Rate Catalog.
  • Currency Exchange Rate.
  • Basic Email.
  • Template Reports.
  • Powerful Role Permissions.

Powered features for Travel Ibex!

Travel Ibex add-ons

Travel Ibex offers very useful add-ons that increase your productivity and improve your customer relationship.
  • All rates are per calendar month and are quoted in US Dollars.
  • Rate is billed quarterly.

¡Multiple offers for every prospect!


Prepare multiple quotes within each travel file. Add services from the supplier catalog, manually, from travel packages, or from booking engines. Generate offers and send them by email to the client.

$ 15
Monthly per user

¡Manage agency requests!

Travel Agencies

With this plugin the option to create travel agency leads from requests is activated. Manage travel agencies, their contacts, agency commissions and associated files.

$ 10
Monthly per user

¡Integrate your SMTP or a SendGrid account!

External Mail Server

Configure the SMTP mail sending server or enter the API Key of your SendGrid account. Communication with your clients and contacts will be much more professional when they receive messages from your own email.

$ 5
Monthly per user

¡Internal reports for Sales, Accountants, and many more!


In order to track sales, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payments received, overnight stays, and reservations made using booking engines, Travel Ibex provides a variety of internal data.

$ 15
Monthly per user

¡Add products to your electronic store!


Connect your WooCommerce, Magento or other e-stores with Travel Ibex. Within each file, create links directly in your store and allow your clients to securely make payments.

$ 10
Monthly per user

¡Get real-time exchange rates!

External Currency Rates

Update current exchange rate for all your company’s currencies. Through the Open Exchange Rates API, Travel Ibex reads the current exchange rates. Very soon we will be automating the process to obtain the data first thing in the morning.

$ 10
Monthly per user

¡Upload your own documents to the cloud!


Travel Ibex integrates with one of the best cloud storage providers, pCloud. Register your free pCloud account and start storing your important documents within every travel file, vendor, travel agency, and even travelers.

$ 10
Monthly per user

¡Saving agent’s valuable time!

Clone to File

Simplify the process of creating similar itineraries by cloning quotes into another file. Just enter the starting date, and a new quote is created quickly and effortlessly!

$ 10
Monthly per user

¡Your vacation packages ready to be included in the itineraries!


Define your company’s standard vacation packages to be imported in clients’ itineraries. Each package can have multiple sets of services. Add details for each set, the days of the package, its services, and the availability dates.

$ 15
Monthly per user

¡Prepare your client’s itinerary easily!

Itinerary Builder

Forget the manual way of preparing itineraries. The Travel Ibex itinerary builder helps you prepare a complete, beautiful and elegant itinerary to send to your client prior to the trip. The itinerary builder is designed for the travel industry so they can create memorable experiences that your clients will love.

$ 20
Monthly per user

¡Connect the forms on your page with Travel Ibex!

External Web Forms

Connect the forms on your website, in Google Forms or any other forms, directly with the Travel Ibex API. Submit the form data and add new customer requests directly to the lead pool, and start the sales process easily and immediately.

$ 25

¡The official hotel booking engine of Switzerland!

STC – Booking Engine

Access over 2,000 Swiss accommodations and add them to your itinerary, making it easy to manage your reservations. Travel agencies which need to provide services in Switzerland should use the best booking engine available.

$ 10
Monthly per user