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Features of Travel Ibex

Travel Ibex has been developed in separate modules, and all communicates through a powerful API using modern technology. A company could access its data from anywhere having the business under control. We can develop additional plugins to solve specific needs for your business. Don’t hesitate to let us know!


Travel Ibex is equipped with a complete control panel designed to revolutionize the way companies make decisions in the tourism industry. This innovative platform integrates a reminder calendar, a task application and a conversation summary, very useful tools for all users to organize their activities to communicate. The dashboard provides personalized lodging trends to make the best decision when searching for the best accommodation services for clients’ itineraries.
The dashboard offers a holistic view of various metrics on lead conversion, sales comparison, and customers’ countries of origin. With these intuitive visualization tools and customizable reporting features, stakeholders can drill down into performance metrics, optimize operations, identify lucrative opportunities, effectively anticipate market changes, and optimize marketing strategies to improve customer satisfaction and drive revenue growth.

Powerful CRM

Imagine cutting-edge travel software with a customer relationship management (CRM) system designed specifically for the travel industry. This robust CRM seamlessly integrates essential user features such as task tracking, reminders, conversation history, and notes into a unified platform. Travel agencies and tour operators can efficiently organize and manage customer information, ensuring personalized service delivery and fostering stronger customer relationships.
Additionally, Travel Ibex CRM goes beyond traditional customer management by incorporating advanced feedback functionalities. Customers can easily provide feedback on their travel experiences, allowing agencies to gather valuable information and continually improve service quality. Travel Ibex documents add-on permits advisors to securely store and manage documents such as travel itineraries, service vouchers, tickets and insurance details, ensuring easy access and streamlined operations. By centralizing customer communication, feedback and documentation, the CRM enables travel companies to deliver exceptional customer experiences, drive loyalty and thrive in an increasingly competitive market landscape.

Travel Files

Travel Ibex incorporates a sophisticated file system designed to optimize all aspects of itinerary creation and client management. This innovative platform features a Lead Pool section where supervisors can efficiently organize and prioritize potential clients, ensuring no opportunity is missed. With the Quotations add-on, advisors have the ability to create multiple quotes per customer, and customize proposals to individual preferences and seamlessly adjust offers based on customer feedback. Each itinerary is meticulously detailed, with a complete record of the financial transactions associated with each reservation, providing transparency and accountability throughout the trip planning process. Powered by the Clone add-on, Travel Ibex lets you clone quotes into another file, simplifying the process of creating similar itineraries and saving agents valuable time.
Travel Ibex also offers a complete history of customer conversations, allowing agents to track each interaction and adapt their approach to each customer’s needs effectively. Integrated e-commerce functionality enables seamless recording of customer payments, streamlining the booking process and improving convenience for both customers and agents. The itinerary builder add-on grants advisors to prepare complete travel documentation with ease, ensuring every detail is properly planned and communicated to the client. The File feature includes the generation of multiple documents, such as invoices, booking confirmations and vouchers, all of which can be easily personalized and sent directly to the customer via email, providing a personalized and seamless booking experience.

Vendors and Rate Catalog

Travel Ibex has a Vendor function that helps travel agencies manage contracts, rates, and expedite the creation of itineraries. This feature allows you to incorporate a complete product and rate catalog. It provides a centralized database with pricing information from multiple suppliers, including airlines, hotels, and tour operators. Advisors can easily access up-to-date rates and availability, ensuring accurate pricing and seamless booking processes for customers. Additionally, the software facilitates efficient communication and collaboration with suppliers, allowing agents to negotiate rates, track contracts, and manage bookings.
In addition, the vendor function goes beyond rate management and includes a section for the creation of texts to document itineraries. Advisors can effortlessly generate detailed itineraries by incorporating text directly from suppliers, providing clients with complete and personalized travel plans. Whether highlighting unique attractions, recommending local experiences or outlining logistical details, the software allows agents to select attractive itineraries tailored to individual preferences. By seamlessly integrating vendor texts into the itinerary builder add-on, travel agencies can deliver exceptional service, improve customer satisfaction, and differentiate themselves in a competitive market landscape.

Report Add-on

Travel Ibex offers a robust report add-on, with a dedicated section where travel agencies gain valuable insights into various aspects of their operations. The sales report provides a comprehensive overview of revenue generated, allowing agencies to track performance, identify trends, and make informed business decisions. Meanwhile, the accounts receivable report helps to manage outstanding payments, thus ensuring efficient cash flow management and reducing financial risks. Additionally, the payments due report provides visibility into upcoming financial obligations, allowing agencies to plan and prioritize payments effectively. Meanwhile, the payments made report provides a detailed record of all transactions, facilitating transparency and accountability.
The reporting section of Travel Ibex software expands its functionality to include an overnight stay report, which provides information on accommodation reservations and occupancy rates. Additionally, integration with booking engine adds another layer of convenience, providing seamless access to bookings made through this platform.

Ecommerce Add-on

Travel Ibex offers an Ecommerce add-on, bridging the gap between itinerary creation and customer payment. This innovative feature integrates with popular ecommerce platforms like WooCommerce, Magento or other e-stores, enabling travel agencies to effortlessly create and manage vacation packages as digital products. With intuitive tools for product creation, agents can curate enticing itineraries complete with detailed descriptions, captivating images, and transparent pricing. Once the itinerary is finalized, the software generates ecommerce links that can be sent directly to customers, providing a hassle-free payment experience. This integration not only simplifies the booking process but also enhances customer convenience, allowing them to securely pay for their vacation with just a few clicks.
Furthermore, the integration with e-store like WooCommerce or Magento empowers travel agencies with attractive ecommerce capabilities, leveraging the advanced features and flexibility of these platforms. Agents can customize product pages, offer promotional discounts, and implement secure payment gateways to ensure a seamless and secure transaction process. Moreover, the ecommerce component enables agencies to track sales in real-time, and manage customer orders efficiently.

Vacation Packages Add-on

Travel Ibex features a dynamic vacation package add-on designed to meet the diverse preferences of travelers. This component has the ability to create vacation packages that span multiple destinations. Travel agencies can select attractive itineraries that satisfy travelers’ diverse interests, from adventurous excursions in exotic locations to serene getaways on tropical beaches, by taking advantage of the tagging system, thus simplifying the navigation and selection process for clients.
Additionally, this vacation package module offers unparalleled flexibility with multiple service sets and flexible scheduling dates. Travel agencies can effortlessly mix and match various components, such as accommodation, transportation and activities, to create customized packages tailored to individual preferences and budgets. With the ability to adjust scheduling dates based on customer needs, agencies can accommodate various travel schedules, ensuring maximum convenience and satisfaction. Additionally, the module provides access to supplier catalog rates, allowing agencies to offer competitive prices and access exclusive offers, thereby improving the value proposition for clients and driving bookings.

Itinerary Builder Add-on

Travel Ibex designed a revolutionary itinerary creation plugin to prepare unique adventures for each client. At the heart of Travel Ibex is its innovative itinerary builder, which harnesses the power of customizable texts created by users from a rich variety of topics. Whether you’re looking for information on country-specific customs, hidden gems in bustling cities, or essential weather considerations, the builder integrates these various texts into your personalized itinerary, ensuring every aspect of your trip is meticulously planned to perfection.
What sets Travel Ibex apart is its intelligent integration with supplier texts, designed to adapt to the itinerary services. From boutique accommodations to adrenaline-filled excursions, the itinerary builder pulls stored texts from providers to deliver up-to-date information and exclusive offers, enhancing your travel experience like never before. By fusing user-generated content with supplier information, Travel Ibex crafts a complete itinerary that reflects on your preferences, interests and budget considerations, allowing you to embark on unforgettable journeys with confidence and ease.

External Web Form Add-on

In an effort to improve customer service and optimize operations, Travel Ibex has included a cutting-edge add-on feature that allows for smooth integration with third-party online forms. This add-on facilitates the collection of customer itinerary and preference requests directly from the agency’s website, Google Forms, or other online platforms. With just a few clicks, potential travelers can submit their desired destinations, dates, preferences, and any special requests, creating a seamless and efficient channel for communication.

Once received, these itinerary requests are automatically stored in the lead pool within Travel Ibex, ensuring that no inquiry goes unnoticed. Supervisor and travel agents can easily access and review these leads, gaining valuable insights into customer preferences and travel aspirations. What sets Travel Ibex apart is its ability to expedite the sales process effortlessly.

STC Booking Engine Add-on

Switzerland Travel Centre (STC) is the official and largest leading tour operator and travel agent specializing in holidays in Switzerland, with the most comprehensive booking engine. Travel Ibex introduces an exciting new add-on that integrates seamlessly with STC to revolutionize the way travel agencies interact with travel experiences in Switzerland. This innovative feature allows travel agents to take advantage of the extensive offerings of the STC directly through the Travel Ibex platform. With just a few clicks, agents can access a wealth of information on accommodation rates in Switzerland. It is allowing them to choose from the best hotels, selected on base of their clients’ preferences and importing these rooms directly into Travel Ibex.

By integrating with Switzerland Travel Centre’s powerful booking engine through Travel Ibex, travel agencies streamline the booking process, allowing agents to easily transition from itinerary planning to booking accommodation without having to exit the Travel Ibex interface. To complement this function, Travel Ibex includes a report of the reservations made with STC.