Last-minute changes

The tourism industry is inherently unpredictable, but a robust system that encompasses technology, communication and adaptability can help you navigate unexpected twists and changes, ultimately minimizing disruptions and potential income loss.

Travel Ibex Template New Features

A template for travel companies is a pre-designed and customizable document or digital file that serves as a framework for creating various types of materials commonly used in the travel industry. Templates provide a consistent and efficient way to generate documents and communications with clients, while also maintaining a professional and cohesive appearance. Templates save time and ensure consistency in branding and communication. They can be customized with specific information…

Itinerary Builder: Enhances the Overall Travel Experience, Making it a Valuable Asset for Travel Agencies

A final itinerary provides travelers with a clear and detailed schedule of their trip, including dates, times, locations, and activities. It ensures that travelers are well-informed about their travel arrangements, making it easier for them to navigate through their journey. In the travel industry, a final itinerary is crucial for several reasons, as it plays a significant role in ensuring smooth and enjoyable travel experiences for customers.

Travel Ibex is the CRM for Travel Industry

CRM – Customer Relationship Management – software can be especially beneficial for companies in the travel industry, where there are often many interactions with clients and a need to manage a large amount of data. With a CRM system in place, travel companies can better organize customer information, track bookings and reservations, and even send targeted marketing messages to clients based on their past interactions with the company. This can…

Timely Delivery: How to Prepare a Successful Travel Quote that Demonstrates a Commitment to Customer Service

When travelers are looking for the next destination, they will find a lot of travel agencies offering packages, custom itineraries, tours, advice etc. What makes the difference for travelers to decide? The most important factors that can influence a traveler’s decision to use a particular travel agency include established relations, the cost and quality of services, agency reputation and the convenience of the booking process. Other factors such as the…