Travel Ibex, a service from Costa Rica Virtual, has integrated their API with the Switzerland Travel Centre (STC) booking engine. The integration allows users to access over 2,000 Swiss accommodations from within the travel software, making it easier to manage their bookings and reservations.

Those travel agencies, that needs to prepare a Switzerland itinerary, must use the best destination management company for holidays. STC is both the official and largest leading tour operator and travel agent specializing in holidays to Switzerland. They have the most complete booking engine to book accommodations in Switzerland.

Our online travel software is designed specifically for travel agencies. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools and features that help travel agencies manage their operations, including an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) system, booking engine, and reporting functions.

Travel Ibex users take advantage of the CRM to track customer information, interactions, and activities, while the integration with STC booking engine helps them easily to add and reserve accommodation services to clients itinerary, along with other services. They can access the app from any device, to create and edit itinerary documents, register charges, payments, and create reports.

In Travel Ibex was a pleasure working with Sonam Martig and Patrick Stomeo from STC. Thanks to the STC support for answering our questions, for the great collaboration and the useful answers!